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Aurec specialises in contract management/payroll for IT contractors working throughout Australia. You have an obligation as a contractor to manage and meet all Government and statutory requirements. Engaging Aurec for your contract management needs will provide you with peace of mind that all these requirements are being taken care of. We pride ourselves on honesty at all times and are dedicated to helping IT contractors in Australia achieve their professional and financial obligations.
Aurec offers a personalised service. We provide salary packaging based on individual needs; this is because we understand that each contractor has different requirements. Using Aurec for your salary packaging needs means that you take out the middle man, you can contact us directly with any queries you might have and your matter will be addressed then and there by one of our helpful team members.
Our fee structure is very competitive and with each and every payment we aim to maximise your take home pay. Our experienced staff will manage all paperwork on your behalf and will provide you with the ongoing support that you need, allowing you to focus on further developing your career.
Our services also supply complimentary items such as:
  • Free confidential access to a financial planner and superannuation advisor
  • Incentive schemes for networking and referrals
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Discounted premiums and enhanced services such as corporate private health insurance
  • Expert payroll processors
  • Commitment to service
  • Access to visa and migration services
We have an easy and straightforward timesheet submission process and flexible payment options.
For more information please contact us on +61 2 9993 1100 or email

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